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The all-time Monte Vista Football player statistics compiled on this web site sort of evolved, rather than having been planned.  Player statistic compilation began in 1998 using local newspapers, usually the San Ramon Valley Times.  From 2001-2007, microfilm copies of past newspaper articles were gathered from various libraries, primarily the Contra Costa Times.  Detailed statistics  for individual games were not always available from the Times, so additional microfilm sources were used to obtain statistics from the Tri Valley Herald, Oakland Tribune, San Mateo County Times, Menlo Park Almanac, Valley Pioneer, Hayward Daily Review, and Half Moon Bay Review.  Since 2009, statistics have been taken either from the San Ramon Valley Times, or the team statistics posted onto the MaxPreps web site.

A couple of things on the detailed statistics.  When these effort started, there was hope that the newspapers, EBAL, NCS, or CIF compiled the results.  That turned out to not be the case.  None of those sources has summary statistics available in any format.  Here is a chronological description of the gathering/entering process:


Initially the data that was accumulated to find game results, primarily from the Contra Costa Times was the source.  As a source, the Contra Costa Times provided approximately 65% of the player statistics.  For games that the player statistics were not printed in the Contra Costa Times, microfilm of the other newspapers was located and used.  The Tri-Valley Herald became the source for an additional 30% of the data, and the other newspapers accounted for the last 5%.  As of 2010, complete player statistics have been located from some source for all games back to 1979, most games from 1978 to 1972, and a few games from 1971 to 1968.  The search goes on and the statistics will be updated as additional games are located.

In some cases, two articles were captured (typically from the Contra Costa Times and the Tri-Valley Herald), and when compared, the player statistics do not match.  That creates a point of potential debate, but normally, if the detailed player statistics reconciled to the game totals, the initial Contra Costa Times articles were used.  If the CC Times did not reconcile, but the Tri-Valley Herald did, the Tri-Valley Herald was used.

Both key newspapers and MaxPreps web site sometimes have statistics that don't add up (yards passing is not equal to yards receiving, completions is not equal to receptions, yards rushing doesn't equal total team yards rushing, etc) - occasionally in neither newspaper.  Where the quarterback yards or completions varied from the total receiving yards or receptions, and the individual items by receiver were listed, the receiver stats were accepted as correct and the quarterback statistics were changed.

The player statistical data from the newspaper articles then had to be manually compiled from these individual sources.  All data was entered into an Excel spreadsheet which represents over 175,000 cells as of the end of the 2010 season.

A few algorithms were created to try to help identify corrections to the data that were needed.  These algorithms compared the sums of player scoring to game results, passing yards/receptions to receiving receptions/yards, etc.  The algorithms identified about 150 data entry errors which were fixed.

For the early 1970's and the 1960's, articles on games, while they often did not list all player statistics, did often list the statistics for the leading passers, rushers, and receivers.  Where these partial statistics were all that was available, they were captured and included as totals.

Sometimes newspapers provided annual or partial season "recaps" of player totals.  Many times, these totals did not reflect the summaries of individual games gathered, and only reflected totals from that paper, rather than an official copy.  These summaries were never used in this compilation.

We can't possibly have found all of the data entry errors that our little fingers might have made, and over time it is likely that folks will find other items that should be looked at and corrected in the calculations and the data.

If you see something that suggests a calculation error, please contact us so that we can figure out how to correct it.  If you can identify something where it appears the data is "wrong," we're interested in that, too.  For data errors, please provide a copy of your source, and we'll compare it to the current source and see how we can proceed.  Just be certain that we are very interested in trying to improve the accuracy and quality of this statistical database.

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