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We are always building and extending content for this web site.  There is a lot of data accumulation and digitizing to complete in order to make this happen.  The current content was personally gathered, digitized and loaded by volunteer members of the Monte Vista football community.  For the most part, the information was gathered from:  Maxpreps web postings, current newspaper editions, Monte Vista yearbooks, microfiche newspaper articles from libraries (Livermore, Menlo Park, Pleasant Hill, Palo Alto, Oakland, Hayward, and Half Moon Bay), football yearbooks, and scrapbooks and memorabilia supplied by community members. 

Information that we are gathering falls into the following categories: History, Alumni, Awards and Recognition, Game Results, Team Records, Player Records, and Photo Gallery.  Here is the status of our information in each category:


We're particularly looking for items related to historical changes in the program - uniform color changes, stadium upgrades, key off the field events, etc.  A few sentences to make a story and a source would be great.  Eventually we'd like to see a "Great Stories in Mustang History with vignettes covering items like: 5 downs vs Granada, Wright/Keller 1,2, and 3, the San Ramon riot, etc.


We are posting sections on Alumni Players and Staff.  Right now, both areas need a good bit of work.  We'd love to find some players from the 60's and 70's with scrapbooks, as well as a couple from the early 2000's.  In the end we want to be able to publish the names of every person who was rostered for football at Monte Vista on this site.  Here is our current status of "Missing" Player data:          

  • 1973 -1974  - Missing numbers, class, height, weight, position 
  • 1977-1984   - Missing #'s, classes, positions, heights, and weights
  • 1993           - Missing classes, positions, heights, and weights
  • 1994           - Missing everything - we only have a few names

From a Staff perspective, our data is a little less rich.  While we believe we have identified the head coach for each season, there are only a handful of seasons where we have identified the assistant coaches, team physicians, and trainers.  Eventually, we would like to assemble a biographical backgrounder and foregrounder on the head coaches.

Awards and Recognition

Annual Team awards are updated each year as they are announced.  Player awards from the leagues are fairly strong for recent years and the 1980's.  There are a lot of holes in other years.  League championships are probably solid, but there are probably a few missing state rankings to be gathered.

Game Results

This is one area where we appear to be pretty solid.  We have every game result back through 1968.  A case could be made that the 1967 season could be added, but that schedule was a combination of small independent school varsity games and games against typical school Junior Varsity programs.

Team Records

Because we have the game results, our team record data should be pretty good, we just haven't spent enough time preparing the queries against our database to select out key facts we would like to report.

Player Records

Player Record data has been captured and digitized.  It is posted on the site, and will go through several months of correction and refinement, but it is a start.

Below is a season by season recap of player statistic availability:

1968-1971     Have very little player statistics captured and posted
1972-1977     Have most player statistics captured and posted
1979-Today   All player statistics captured and posted

Photo Gallery

We have identified categories of photos that we would like to gather and post, but we have little content.  Categories would include helmets, uniforms, team photos, action photos, individual player photos, and stadium photos.  We hope to see the day when we become selective on what we do post, but for now, we'll probably post just about anything.

We do all of the web site maintenance ourselves.  We're not particularly skilled at this, but we're learning.  We're sure there are mistakes in the large amount of information that we have, and we want to get any errors corrected.  In addition, there is a lot of content that we have identified that we would like to have, but have not yet 1) found a source for, 2) digitized, or 3) loaded onto the web. 

If you find something that needs to be corrected like a 1) spelling error, 2) grammer error, 3) spelling of a person's name, please email Allen Holter at:


We'll make the adjustment/correction in our next web update.

If you see something that you think is an incorrectly stated fact, we'd like to fix it.  If you drop us an email, we may be able to make the update just by comparing your statement to the records that we already have.  But if not, we'll ask you to mail/scan/email us a document that you have that shows us the correct information.  This way we'll be able to compare it to what we have and figure out the "best" solution.

We're constantly seeking people who can provide old photos, rosters, or player game statistical information.  If you see something that you can add based upon the Missing Content above, please contact us and we'll help figure out the best way to add the additional information to the web site.

Please send any and all new content to Allen Holter at


or Steve Abrams at


We'll contact you back as soon as we can.