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Athletics have been a cornerstone of Monte Vista High School since the school was founded in 1965.  The Mustangs' football program was established shortly after the creation of the school.  In 1967, the team had no seniors on its roster, but played a series of games with small private schools and junior varsity opponents. 

Current football players often look to the history of the program and its players and coaches to draw inspiration for the future.  The program has a storied past, and all of the Football Alumni look to the players of the present and the future to add their own blocks to this foundation.  Mustang football presents a fine opportunity for young men to

demonstrate high standards of ethics and sportsmanship and promote the development of good character, leadership, responsibility, teamwork and other important life skills, while developing potentially lifelong friendships. 

Today the Monte Vista High School Football Alumni Association seeks to continue this development in our Alumni.  This site focuses on anything and everything in the history of the Monte Vista football program. Through this web site, we offer our alumni the opportunity to relive their own personal glory days on the field at Monte Vista.

This web site has a little history of its own.  The builders were fanatical about Monte Vista football, if unskilled in using web tools.  Over the years, they had accumulated facts and figures on the program that they wanted to share with others who might have similar interests.  First a Facebook site was developed, and both a Facebook Group and Fanpage for the MV Football Alumni Association still exist.  

You can find and interact with other alumni through social media at


This archive website content revolves around three core data gathering efforts:  Rosters - names of individuals who played and coached for the Mustangs, Game Results - from all games the Mustangs have played, and Records - Player and Team records in just a bunch of different statistical categories.

All of our data was reconstructed from primary sources, because it had not been compiled before.  The data is not complete.  Some of our sources are weak.  Sometimes our little fingers mis-hit some keys as we typed all of this into digital file structures.  And sometimes the sources we have, had two different "facts" on the same issue and we just had to pick one. 

We want everything to be, in the end, perfect.  To get an idea of data that we have and are trying to build, as well as how you can help, see the Mustang Website Building page.

The Monte Vista High Football Alumni Association is an informal organization, so far.  You don't have to be a football alumnus to join the MVFAA, just a friend of the program who is interested in meeting others who were players and learning and dialoging about everything that is Mustang football.

To join, please click on the registration tab provided, so that we will be able to send you updates on new happenings in the program, or, more likely, beg you for additional information and statistics so that we can keep publishing.

You may also be interested in joining the bulletin board on the Facebook page.  Unfortunately, they are separate registrations. 

This website and forum has no official connection to Monte Vista High School or any affiliation with boosters or sports teams thereof. Opinions expressed in any content is the opinion of the authors or members of this site and does not reflect the opinions of any member, student, teacher, or employee of the Monte Vista High School or the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.  The content of this website is for informational purposes only.