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Monte Vista Football Alumni fall into two categories:  Players and Staff.

Player Alumni are being identified as individuals who were listed on a varsity roster for that year, as it appears in a team photo in the school yearbook, as it appears in the annual or individual game programs, or when a player is identified through statistics in newspapers or web sources.

Please select the link below to access our current detailed list of Player alumni.

All-Time Player Alumni Roster

Frankly, Player Alumni identification is going to be an ongoing process.  The player alumni list above includes all players that we have been able to identify, so far, from the sources identified above. 

Staff Alumni include Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Trainers, and Team Physicians.  The Mustang Football Alumni Association is trying to use the same sources to gather this information, but has woefully less information about coaches than players.  To date we believe that we have all head coaches and their seasons identified correctly.  But our list of assistants, trainers, and physicians is limited.

Please select the link below to access our current detailed list of Staff Alumni.

All-Time Staff Alumni Roster

The Mustang Football Alumni Association would appreciate whatever contribution that you might make to add to the completion of our inventory of player or coach alumni.  Please see the Website Building page for information on how to contact us to contribute additional information.

 If you have any roster or other information in your possession that you would be willing to share a copy of, please forward it to Allen Holter at allen.holter@mustangfootballaa.com or Steve Abrams at steve.abrams@mustangfootballaa.com and we will update our records and inventory.